JadeRyan's Sentinel Fiction Page

This Page contains some stories that are meant for mature folks. You know, they contain sex, violence and/or REALLY colorful language. Most of these stories are rated NC-17 or R. If you ain't 18 or if the idea of two men being in a loving, mature relationship bugs the heck out of you, then by all means don't go any further.
Okay so right now I don't have a bunch of stories. *G* But if it makes you feel any better I have a couple that I am working on. Until then I have one story and a whole lot of Composite Images that My fellow Photshop/Sentinel Junkie, Bri and myself have worked on. You can go to the images page Here.
Enjoy and come back again. Hopefully by that time I will have gotten over my case of writer's block and have some more stories for y'all.

Devils Advocate- Jim and Blair talk about themselves, to themselves, about themselves.

Drabble Trio-Just a trio of Drabbles that I did just to see if I could stay under 100 words. Sorry, these are *maybe* PG-13....no sex.

Gold Dust Woman- I did this one just for the heck of it. But I can't stop. So look for more in this series.

Heartless Challenge- This is the sequel to Gold Dust Woman.

Silver Spoon- Sequel to Heartless Challenge

Pick up the Pieces- Sequel to Silver Spoon. Last in the Gold Dust Woman series.

Killing Me Softly- Just something I came up with after reading a PWP done by Francesca. Inspiration? Go figure. *G*